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The three members of Lara Croft Fans site



In 1996, one of the biggest game franchises in history was born and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world were born with it. The story that you will read now is about three of these fans, who have things in common: live in Brazil, coincidentally in the same state, love the Tomb Raider games and the most beloved female character of gaming, Lara Croft, and of course , have a strong desire to spread this passion to the world. From now on, the Lara Croft Fans website is live, along with its three creators and survivors.


Giovani Zaghi, Lucas Chiquetto and Marcos Vinícus Alves. Three fans. Three dreamers. Three idealizers who from now on will be responsible to give even more life to Lara Croft and her life as a tomb raider. You'll get to know the life of cosplayers in our "Focus Session", which will give visibility to the dear fans who dedicate time and love to embody the British archeologist in fan events. In "Connecting Artifacts", you'll lookt at Lara Croft's different kinds of relationships as a reflect of our day by day relationships, such as father and daughter and friends and family. You'll also have a great opportunity to tell your love story about the game and the character in “Digging Tombs”.


In addition to these new features, we will constantly update our social network accounts, bringing you the hottest information about Lara Croft and Tomb Raider.


Welcome and have a great reading.

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